Stocks can help you to create the lifestyle that you desire. When you purchase stocks, you immediately get an opportunity to become a part owner of the companies in which you buy the shares and stand to benefit from the earnings of the company. Let us help you to make an informed decision when it comes to investing in the stock market so you can realize your goal of achieving financial success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stocks (also known as equities or shares) are securities that represent the ownership
of a fraction of a company.

Companies sell shares in their business to raise money. Once a company’s stock is available on the market, it can be bought and sold among investors. Capital appreciation occurs when you sell a stock for more than the purchase price while dividends are earned when a company agrees to share the profits it earns with its investors.

Preference shares are hybrid securities with both equity and fixed income characteristics and therefore carries a maturity date. However, ordinary or common shares do not have a maturity date.

The financial solution for you will be highly dependent on your needs and your risk appetite. As such, investors should understand the various risks and determine their comfort levels to determine suitability. Speak to our investment advisors for further guidance.

Trading stocks can be risky. However, an investor should aim to buy stocks that are undervalued, so that when the market recognizes its value and starts to push the price higher, you are at an advantage. A key strategy to use is diversification – do not put all your eggs in one basket! We recommend you consult with a licensed investment advisor before making a decision.