Section 1 – Educational Information


    To work with you effectively in planning and implementing an appropriate investment strategy, it is essential that we clearly understand not only your risk and return objectives, but also your broader financial circumstances and investment knowledge. This questionnaire will help us to develop an understanding of your investment needs and your Client Risk Profile which will help to guide the investment recommendations made to you if you have an advisory account, or the decisions made on your behalf if you have a managed account.

    Asset Allocation

    To achieve the objective of maximizing the risk-return trade-off, strategic asset allocation and portfolio diversification are strong foundation concepts used for client portfolios. However, it is important for clients to understand that even the best investment strategies and models will be imperfect predictors of future events and therefore it is important for clients to gauge risk appetite and balance investment objectives against the potential investment risks.

    Investment Risks to Consider

    • Market Risk — Any investment is subject to market fluctuations and thus there can be no assurance that an investment will return its value or that appreciation will occur.

    • Credit Risk — This risk is typically associated with fixed income instruments, but applies to any instrument where repayment depends on the ability of an entity to settle an obligation. The risk borne is that the issuer may default on their obligation.

    • Liquidity Risk - The risk of being unable to sell your investment at a fair price and get your money out when you want to. To sell the investment, you may need to accept a lower price. In some cases, it may not be possible to sell the investment at all.

    • Inflation Risk - The risk of a loss in your purchasing power because the value of your investments does not keep up with inflation. Inflation erodes the purchasing power of money over time – the same amount of money will buy fewer goods and services. Inflation risk is particularly relevant if you own cash or debt investments like bonds.

    • Currency Risk - applies when you own foreign investments. It is the risk of losing money because of a movement in the exchange rate.

    • Concentration Risk — Where significant percentages of a portfolio are held in a single security or asset class or highly correlated securities.

    Section 2 - Client Risk Assessment

    Please answer the following questions to help your advisor establish your current risk profile. Remember that risk tolerance is largely subjective, so there is no right or wrong answer. The outcome will be used to assess your investor profile and to assist in recommending a suitable asset allocation model for you.

    I. What is your current age?

    II. How long do you expect to be able to commit to a specific investment strategy without requiring significant capital withdrawals, or materially altering your investment objectives?

    III. What is the primary purpose of this portfolio?

    IV. Which of these statements best describe you:

    V. Historically, markets have experienced downturns, both short-term and prolonged, followed by market recoveries. Imagine that you owned a well-diversified portfolio that fell by 25% (i.e., $1,000 initial investment would now be worth $750) consistent with the overall market. How would you react?

    VI. I am comfortable with investments that may frequently experience large declines in value if there is a potential for higher returns.

    VII. What is your investment knowledge and experience?

    VIII. Indicate the investments you currently own:
    Enter the current allocation in whole numbers; your percentages must total 100%. If you do not provide an answer, the questionnaire will assume all your assets are in short term reserves i.e. Cash & Cash Equivalents.

    Cash & Cash Equivalents



    Real Estate






    Review and Declaration

    If the outcome does not accurately reflect your attitude towards investing and your personal circumstances, please review and revise your response to the questions. You may also wish to review all the investor profiles above and choose the one that mostly reflects the way you approach investing. In the event that you wish to select a risk profile other than the profile indicated by the questionnaire, you may opt to do so below. Kindly note that you assume all risks arising from your selection.

    Alternate Investor Risk Profile

    Where the client chooses to select a risk profile other than the profile indicated by the questionnaire, please note the revised profile selected and the reasons for this difference.

    Selected Risk Profile

    Reasons for Selection

    Client Declaration


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